A Simple Guide to Digital Customer Experience

In today’s digital age, no tow truck business is complete without having a good website or app. 65 percent of consumers say their experience on a website or app is very important to interacting with a business. It is not enough to simply launch a site and call it a day. You need to create a customer experience that is fully engaging, very user friendly and quite delightful. There are a couple of digital steps you can use to attract and retain customers for your business. Digital customer experience refers to the customer perception of your website or app. It accounts for all interactions that occur on online channels and how they affect customer journey. It is very important to create a digital customer experience and here are some of the steps to follow.

Pay attention to mobile experiences

Whether you have a detailed website or just a simple app, it is important you put a lot of focus in mobile experiences. 82 percent of customers make use of their mobile devices to make a purchasing decision. This is because smartphones allow customers to compare companies as they do their shopping. They can easily compare how brands stack up against competition. When designing your digital customer experience, ensure that it is mobile responsive. This is to mean when it is displayed on a tablet or phone, the interface automatically adjusts to a smaller screen.

Adopt Analytics

Like any other part of your business, you should be actively looking for new ways to improve your website or app. It becomes easier for you if you have reporting tools you can use to monitor the digital experience of your customers. With these tools, you can track the features and pages that customers use most and use your team to look for areas that need improvement. You can also pinpoint all the areas where leads are abandoning purchase and work proactively to prevent churn. For returning customers, you can observe their behavior and adjust accordingly. Having these insights on how customers are engaging with you will help you to optimize the experience you give.

Collect Feedback

Another way you can gather information is by asking customers for their feedback. You should have them fill out a survey using a website or app and ask them if they would recommend the same to their customers. You can use NPS surveys to gather both qualitative and quantitative data on your digital customer experience. Doing so will give you a good idea on how your customers are reacting to your content. Additionally, you should conduct user teasing. User testing presents a great way to determine how much customers are enjoying using your website. Select a group of customers and ask them to test your products and give you a feedback about their experience.

Create omni-channel customer experience. All these channels generate customer delight because they provide more communication options for customers. People can engage with a business on different mediums depending on how comfortable they are. Create as many experiences for them on those channels.

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