Best Ways to Deal with Underperforming Employees

Employee absenteeism can have a major negative impact on a business. Alongside revenue, employee absenteeism can negatively impact the morale of a team as well as its productivity. Your team will not be able to perform to its level best when some of the members are absent. While it not always an easy problem to solve, it is very important to determine the root cause of absenteeism and try to come with mitigation strategies. If you don’t address the problem the earliest time possible, it could have detrimental effects on your workplace culture and the long term success of your company.

Employee absenteeism is a term that describes when employees are absent, for either planned or unplanned reasons. Planned absenteeism includes annual leave, paid off tome, staff developments, paid off time, medical treatments, among others. Here are some of sure strategies you can implement to decrease employee absenteeism and improve workplace satisfaction and engagement.

Implement wellness programs

Organizations that implement wellness programs stand at a better chance in reducing absenteeism among employees. A wellness program can help to mitigate health related absences and at the same time lowers health care costs and reducing employee stress. Additionally, a wellness program can help in improving morale and workplace culture and increasing on productivity. If you can take necessary steps to create a workplace culture that prioritizes on health and wellness, you will be able to decrease unhealthy habits that lead to employee absenteeism.

Vacation Days

Times are changing fast and the era where employees had to work so hard without taking a vacation are over. The traditional nine to five is no longer necessary. With modern technology your employees can work from anywhere whenever they want. If you hire an exceptional talent who is dedicated in getting results, then you should give them your trust to manage their time. Employee absenteeism is often as a result of burnout or employee feeling they need to take some time off to focus on some personal obligations. If you can offer some fair amount of paid off time, you will make your employees feel happier about their work life balance and mentally recharge.

Consider Flexible Hours

Numerous studies have suggested that working less hours correlates to higher levels of productivity. If you can offer your employees the option to take breaks, leave early in the afternoon or arrive later in the afternoon, you will be giving them a lot of flexibility to work when they are at their peak productivity and take breaks when they are not. Additionally, offering a remote option could have a significant decrease in employee absenteeism. Working from home can enable your employees to take care of sick kids, run some errands among other issues, without getting overly overwhelmed. It is upon you to set up flexible working tome and let your employees do what is right for them. You also need to work on what it takes to improve workplace morale. If your employees are not excited to come to work, it can be a leading cause of absenteeism.

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