Creative Sales Motivation Tactics That Don’t Cost a Dime

Sales managers often motivate their reps with cash and other incentives. It is a trued and true sales motivation strategy as monetary rewards normally produce a lot of results. However, they face a challenge on how to motivate the entire staff, with only the top performers benefiting. It is always a good idea to ensure your whole staff is properly motivated. In most cases, monetary rewards may not be the best way to go about it, if you have a big team that needs to be rewarded and motivated. Here are some important sales motivation tactics managers can use to ensure your entire team is fired up to deliver the best results.

Provide coaching

Coaching and feedback are not the same things. While feedback, whether good or bad is valuable to employees, it is rarely going to be motivating. On the other hand, when presented correctly, coaching can be a big motivational force. Sales managers should treat coaching as a gift. Instead of just having it served to every employee, have it presented correctly in a rewarding manner. Frame it in such a way that employees understand its value. Let an employee understand that you plan to put some coaching time on their calendar, and that way, they will put a lot of focus and hold the coaching session with a lot of weight.

Use Leadership

The first part of this point involves tapping leaders in the company to donate their time and resources for the benefit of every employee. Additionally, extend leadership privileges to high-achieving reps. There are key ideas on how to use leadership for sales motivation. You can try a sales contest where the price is you. This means you work for the leading rep for a few hours doing whatever they direct you to do, such as doing calls, demos, and presentations. Doing this will motivate your team as it shows you are not afraid to roll your sleeves and deliver. Additionally, as CEO, you can take a member of your team out for lunch. Most reps crave to have one on one time with a senior leader to share their thoughts and get insider information on the future of the company.

Bring in Clients

Your clients possess incredible motivational power. You can often bring customers into the office to arrange conference calls so that reps can hear how the product they sell is changing someone’s life. Invite customers into team meetings or events so that they chat with reps on how they are using your products and services. They will also understand why they chose you over the competition, and what they liked or not liked about your sales process. Allow a session for questions that helps reps optimize to be more productive. After they have spent some time with a client, they will be excited to get hack on their phones and start selling.

Invest in education

You need to help your reps continue their personal growth and learning. You need to check and see if your human resource department has an educational stipend they can use to advance knowledge for your reps. If there is a class or course they are interested in, you can give them some time to attend. Additionally, encourage them to keep learning and developing their personal or technical skills.

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